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Loft Conversion Specialists In Bromsgrove

Midland County Lofts specialise in 100% bespoke loft conversion design and build projects throughout Bromsgrove. Our surprisingly affordable projects are constructed in just a few weeks, based on designs drawn up to meet your specific needs.

Turning unused lofts into beautiful spaces, where some customers require more space for a growing family, but are unable afford to move house while Others are looking for that one space in the house to truly call their own. Whatever you’re looking for in your loft conversion, look no further than Midland County Lofts.

Our aim is to remove as much hassle and stress as possible from a loft conversion. We can take care of the whole process from design and build including all architectural drawings, planning permission, structural calculations and construction as well as providing you with a dedicated Project Manager, always on hand giving you total peace of mind.

We specialise in making every loft conversion as simple and stress free as possible. Thinking about selling up and moving house? If you are contemplating a Loft conversion to your property, it can add as much as 25% in value. That means you’re likely to make money from your loft conversion in the long run. Loft conversions are amongst the most popular home improvements available. They’re less expensive than moving house entirely, but still allow you to increase your living space.

Finding The Ideal Loft Conversion For You

Different types of loft conversions offer unique ways to expand and enhance living spaces within a property.

One popular option is the dormer loft conversion, which involves adding a box-shaped structure to a pitched roof. This addition creates perpendicular walls that not only increase headspace but also provide additional floor space.

Another choice is the hip-to-gable conversion, where a sloping roof is transformed into a vertical wall. This conversion not only adds a new room but also effectively creates a whole new floor within the home, enhancing spaciousness.

For a more contemporary look, a mansard loft conversion can be considered. This style features a flat-roofed design with a sloping side, offering a significant expansion of space while adding a stylish touch to the property.

Velux loft conversions, on the other hand, involve straightening the slanted end of a roof to create a vertical wall. By adjusting the current roof and constructing a new gable end with a pitched roof, this type of conversion provides a spacious internal area with ample headroom.

Each of these loft conversion options presents a unique way to maximise space and functionality while adding value and aesthetic appeal to a property.

The Process Involved in a Loft Conversion Bromsgrove

The process of a loft conversion typically consists of several key stages. Initially, a comprehensive evaluation of the loft space is conducted to assess its feasibility for conversion. Subsequently, our team of architects and builders collaborates during the design phase to develop a plan that optimises the space available while complying with relevant building regulations and structural standards.

Following the completion of the design and measurements, the construction phase commences. This stage encompasses various tasks including insulation, flooring, roofing, and the installation of windows and stairs. Finally, the project is finalised with the addition of finishing touches such as painting, lighting, and furnishings, ultimately transforming the loft into a functional and stylish living area.

Flat roof gable - white bedroom extension

Shell Only Loft Conversion

Shell-only loft conversions are also available with Midland County Lofts. If you are looking for just the shell, then please specify your requirements when you contact us.

Things To consider

There are many things you may consider before deciding on a loft conversion, such as will it add value to my home, what structural work is involved and do i need planning permission. Hopefully this brief video will answer some of your questions and make things a little clearer to help guide your decision.


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