Things to consider

There are many things you may consider before deciding on a loft conversion, such as whether will it add value to my home, what structural work is involved and do I need planning permission. 

1. What lofts cannot be converted?

It is often the case that the requirement for a loft conversion is based on the highest point of your ceiling from the floor in the space you wish to convert.

The general rule is that 2.2m from the floor to the ceiling at its highest point is the required threshold for undertaking a loft conversion. Less than this in height and your loft will be unfit for conversion.

2. Do I need to tell my neighbours about my loft conversion?

The only time you have to serve a notice to your neighbours regarding a loft conversion is if there is any work that involves a structural change to party walls.

Generally speaking, you will not need to notify your neighbours for a loft conversion that does not require major structural work.

3. Will a loft conversion add value to my home?

Loft conversions do not automatically add value to your home.

It is often thought that a 4th bedroom is the single most valuable feature for a family home; an attic conversion is simpler than a new extension, but it is not always the best use of finances as you many not recoup everything in the house sale.

4. Do I need planning permission for a loft conversion?

Planning permission is only required when your extension or conversion is set to extend or alter the roof space more than limits and conditions specified in the 2008 regulations.

For more information on whether you require planning permission, please get your FREE quotation from us and ask us during our visit.

5. What building regulations apply to loft conversions?

Building regulations look at the finer details of health, safety and practicality in construction and habitation. You must seek building regulation approval if the space will be used on a regular basis as a habitable space.

The paperwork for building regulations is submitted by your architect or yourselves usually. This is something that the team at Midland County Lofts can help with too.

6. What are the benefits gained from a loft conversion?

Loft conversions often add benefit to a home in terms of giving you additional living or workspace. Whether you are looking for a new guest bedroom with en suite, or a home office, loft conversions are often a great way to get this addition in your home.

7. How much will it cost for a loft conversion?

The cost of your loft conversion depends on the level of work required in order to complete the job fully. You can contact our team today for your FREE quotation before making firm decisions.

8. Do you install stair up to me new loft conversion as well?

Yes! Midland County Lofts can also build stairs up to your new loft conversions, helping to ensure that the access is as easy as it can be. This will be included in your loft conversion quote, helping keep your costs as low as possible but inclusive of all of your requirements.

Hopefully, this brief video will answer some of your unanswered questions and make things a little clearer to help guide your decision.


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